World's largest loading rope shovel is Joy P&H 4800XPC

  • Bucket 77,6 m3 heaped, 70,3 m3 struck
  • Payload 122,7 mt

4800XPC Shovel

The P&H 4800XPC, our largest electric mining shovel, features a 135sT payload designed to three-pass load 400sT ultra-class haul trucks.
  • Built upon the proven foundation of the P&H 4100XPC AC
  • Includes the new Adaptive Controls technology suite (patents pending)
  • Design changes optimize the machine structures, enable the larger payload, and improve overall shovel loading efficiency.
  • Provides up to a 20% increase in production along with a decrease in cost per ton of up to 10% (when compared to the 4100XPC AC).
  • Key structural enhancements include:
    • Dipper, with improved bank penetration and higher payload-to-weight ratio
    • Bail and equalizer, providing the proper combination of digging height, cutting force, dumping height, and rope life
    • Direct drive crowd with integral fleeting sheave, helping eliminate boom jacking
    • Modular counterweight and boarding stairs, enhancing safety and access
    • Enhanced ring gear, with improved fatigue resistance and accommodating increased payload
    • Optimized boom design with stabilized handle geometry, improving dipper maneuverability
  • Adaptive controls technology optimizes shovel power usage and include the following:
    • Smart/dynamic crowd, limiting rearward tipping moment during impact, improving bank penetration in hard toe, and reducing boom jacking
    • Opti toe, increasing bail pull based on position relative to the bank and limiting forward overturning moment while digging
    • Dynamic hoist, limiting effects of hoist inertia during impact, measured impact loading up to 200%+ of stall torque, and limiting extreme burst of forward tipping movement
    • Dynamic swing, reducing loads from swinging in the bank, using dynamic motor response to marginalize impacts with ground objects, and protecting the machine from loading on racks, handles, saddle blocks, shipper shaft, and boom.
    • Extended reach, improving truck spotting range and allowing for increased shovel each when unloading
Contact your Joy Global representative for more information on the 4800XPC shovel.

Working Ranges

Height of cut18.0 m59 ft. 0 in.
Radius of cut24.3 m79 ft. 9 in.
Maximum dump reach24.8 m81 ft. 3 in.
Dumping height (door open)9.4 m30 ft. 10 in
Floor level radius16.2 m53 ft. 1 in.
Tail swing radius9.8 m32 ft. 3 in.
Operator eye level10.1 m33 ft. 1 in.


Nominal payload*122.7 mt135 st.
Nominal dipper capacity
SAE struck
SAE 2:1

65.7-70.3 m372.5-77.6 m3

86-92 yd3
92.7-99.1 yd3
Rated suspended load209 mt230 st.
Optimum truck size363 mt400 st.
* Payload and dipper capacity are dependent on many factors. Contact Joy Global for an analysis of your specific application.

Power Requirements

Supply voltage*7200 or 13800V
3 Phase, 60 Hz
6000, 6600, 7200 or 11000
3 Phase, 50 Hz
Supply transformerMinimum 3750 kVA
Minimum short-circuit
VA available at shovel
30 MVA
Voltage per customer requirements

Overall Dimensions

Width14.4 m47 ft. 1 in.
Length15.0 m49 ft. 3 in.
Height over gantry14.7 m48 ft. 3 in.
Width of crawler shoes1930 mm
2210 mm
2540 mm
76 in.
87 in.
100 in.
Width of crawlers (76")10.5 m34 ft. 5 in.
Length of crawlers11.7 m38 ft. 6 in.
Ground clearance0.7 m2 ft. 2 in.
Height - ground to bottom of counterweight slabs3.2 m10 ft. 6 in.

Adaptive Controls Technology

  • Increases shovel digging power without sacrificing life
  • Reduces loading from non-productive impacts
  • Decreases operator fatigue by limiting rocking motion


  • Three modular P&H planetary gear cases
  • Spring-set air release disc brakes (one per motor)
  • Splash lube filtration system


  • Propel on demand, providing rapid transfer to propel mode
  • Two P&H planetary gear cases
  • P&H DELTA Drive low-tension sprocket drive system with heavy-duty cast crawler shoes
  • Spring-set air release disc brakes - one per motor


  • Twin low-inertia AC motors to minimize shock loading and boom jacking
  • Direct drive crowd to eliminate belt maintenance
  • Modular crowd motors with integral pinions
  • Two input pinions
  • Dual spring-set air release bracks


  • Single enclosed gear case with filtered and cooled oil
  • 68" diameter hoist drum
  • Ferrule becket system
  • Dual electric tuggers
  • Spring-set air release disc brakes - one per motor
  • Host rope fleeting sheave to protect rope from excessive oscillation