World’s Largest Pull Scraper |

World’s Largest Pull Scraper | "K-Tec Earthmovers Inc .launched the largest construction pull scraper The K-Tec 1254 ADT (Articulating Dump Truck) is the world's largest earthmoving scraper available today.

With a heaped capacity of 54 cubic yards (ISO) and empty tare weight of 49,000 lbs, the K-Tec 1254 ADT is designed to be pulled with a 6-wheel drive 40 Ton+ ADT. To maximize the 1254's capacity, a push dozer/tractor in the cut is recommended. For contractors with excavators, the K-Tec 1254 ADT works very well as a haul wagon.
A leading general contractor who, for competitive reasons, wishes to remain anonymous has purchased the first K-Tec 1254 ADT and is using it on a job in northern Texas. They are currently running a fleet of CAT 627's, and 631's. "