The Top 10 movies of 2016 from Dana Stevens.

The Top 10 movies of 2016 from Dana Stevens.: "nsofar as making an end-of-year Top 10 list is also a way to generally take stock of the Earth’s most recent revolution around the sun, this has been a tough list to make. Not at all because 2016 was lacking for worthwhile movies, but because the year itself was so exhausting and ill-starred and inconceivably, time-bendingly long. Peering back through the mists to January 2016, I can scarcely remember who I was then, let alone what movies I saw and what I thought of them. My skin was less broken out than it is now, that I can tell you. I slept more than four hours most nights, and I thought, talked, and cared about things other than politics—high-stakes, dystopian, apocalyptic politics—for a percentage of the time that now seems unthinkably luxurious."