India Unveils World's Largest Solar Power Plant| Interesting Engineering

India Unveils World's Largest Solar Power Plant| Interesting Engineering: "India has been celebrated by environmental groups with the announcement of its latest solar power plant in Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu, Southern India. The facility’s construction propels India into the top position for the world’s largest solar power plant.

The recently-completed plant cost $679 million USD. With a capacity of 648 megawatts, the site covers an impressive area of 10 square km. This kicks the former champion, Topaz Solar Farm in California, into the dust with 550 megawatts output. Given the solar potential resource of around 5.5 kWh/m2 a day an annual generation of 1.3 TWh/yr is thought to be possible.

The country feels a sense of urgency, as several of its industrial hubs are starting to reach air pollution records. The country’s important use of coal, its primary source of energy, significantly contributed to both the problem and the its energy needs. India has a goal of producing 40 percent of its power from renewable energy by 2030."